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by BE.water

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What becomes of the insomniac when the day breaks?
When the dark energizes your light, how do you stay awake?
Explore the outside from inside of the mind.
Your universe is limitless.


released October 20, 2015

Engineered by Zac "Xafu" Montez. Additional Engineering by Sam "BE.water" Ledford. All tracks minus "Moonlight Lady" produced and written by BE.water. Vagabond Maurice, Sage the 64th Wonder, and Leyone Tracks appear courtesy of ONSOL. 2015.



all rights reserved


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BE.water Chicago

BE.water is an emcee/producer representing Inland Empire, California currently residing in Chicago, IL.

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Track Name: Trials and Triumph
01 - Trials and Triumph

Verse 1:

Effervescent the flow fluorescent forever shine..
Ups and downs through the sounds, They Showing me The Sine..
Seeing me Survive, Defeat these Evils, Rise..
Uphold The Pressure Don’t Show The Effort, Between These Lines..
They Say I’m Crazy, I’m Lazy, Maybe Coneceited. Blind.
My Fleet’s Depleted, It’s Seeming The Only Reason’s Life..
Before You Seeing Me Physically, First Defeat The Mind..
Fuck what these niggas is Talking I am Completely Fine..
Go Against Warriors Daily, David Lee With Mine..
Power Forward through Guards Sight I Am Leading Mine..
The Way I’m Scoring, I’m At My Pinnacle, Peak, And Prime..
Michael Jordan In Ninety Three, With The Beats And Rhymes..
Right Before Pops Was Shot, Three-Peating Time..
Fan Favorite No Need in Wasting These People’s Time..
Digging Deep For The Meaning Of Keeping Me Alive..
A Challenge Posed To Those Only Who Seek The Climb..


I Can’t Ever..
I Can’t Ever..
Had To Learn To..
Now Im Riding
On The Rails..
Out Here Tryna
Tryna Make It
The Kids In The
And Niggas Out On Bail..
In It For The
Gotta Take It
I Know I Want It
But i Can’t Ever Tell
Regardless of The
The Heart Is Here The Same..
Soldier Of The Strange,
I’m here To take the Reign ..

Verse 2:

So here’s The Ladder, And If It Matters I’ll Never Lose..
Cake Mix, Whip The Batter Getting Revenues..
Niggas Talking Bout Toolies But they Don’t Ever Shoot..
So I Don’t Speak On Wax Bout What I Never Do..
From The Lessons Of Twelfth Letters To W’s..
I Only Bring It From Stormed Tracks That I’ve Weathered Through..
So If I Said It, It’s On That. It’s Whatever Too..
Perseverance Through Struggle, Is What it’s Credit To..
They Don’t Believe it, Until They’ve Seen and Receieved It..
The Forces Of Good And Evil It Seem I’m Caught In Between It..
…There isn’t A Single Sleeping Mind that Could Dream It..
A Sequence I am Defeated, If Even Tired Or Weakened..
Deep In Fires the Reason Reaching Higher Achievements..
Freedom Writer - That’s Free Of Any Prior Allegiance..
So From That Bullshit,(what) You Can Find Me Deliquent..
I Got My Eyes To The Top, And Only Time For Peaking..
Track Name: A Star Called Illustrious
02 - A Star Called Illustrious

Verse 1:
You can catch me laid back, posted like I got stamps on it..
Fires in the sky but they don’t understand comets..
Fires in his eyes look like the, sun on horizon..
When the, sun is arising, bright as, sun in your iris..
As I, shine brighter than the moon in the night skies..
You doin them white lines, using these white lies to slide by..
Sky high, out of reach of wi-fi..
Face it like, ear-ear, mouth, nose, eye-eye..
You aint living high life, I’m just living my life..
Used to be a shy guy, now they call me fly guy..
But this is, not a suit and tie occasion..
More like, Clyde the Glide the way I be blazin..
Trails like the oregon, I don’t follow the pack..
Ahead of the game, so yall don’t need to start fallin back..
I am, All’a that without the Keenan and Kel..
Preach Sermon, No Erick, Speak deeper than wells..

If You See A Star Brighter Then It Must Be Us..
Feelin so...

Verse 2:
So Why I…
Iced Nothing But My Veins, (why?) My Mind’s Like Diamonds..
Jack Nicholson Niggas All About ’The Shining’
Wining, Fine dining, I’m Finding the Silver Lining..
Priming For My Arising, Aim for the Perfect Time.
Then its Starlight In The Night - that’s A Star, Bright..
God-like, Type Of Shining Is Foresight..
Beyond Sight, It’s One Life And No 1ups..
Ya Boy On the Come Up - Similar to the Dawn Light..
Do It Day And Night, Nigga, Solar Eclipse..
That’s How Them Niggas On Them Corners Stay Holding Them Clips..
You Fold For Them Chips, I Keep Them 1-0’s By the Hip..
She A Dime, I’m J. Kidd Coast To Coast For the Dish..
You Hoping I Miss, But She And I Know I’m A Hit..
We Not Riding In The Phantom, But We Ghost In The Whip..
I Go For the Chips, Nothing Here Broken To Fix..
I’m just Bragging How i Bag Em, Let Me Boast For A Bit..


Verse 3:
Yeah Its that…
Eye Of The Tiger, Water Fight With The Fire..
Spark To Ignite Ya Lighters Bright Light In The Sky Em..
You Know, That’s How The Fire Works
Iron Works, who Dying First??
For All That Talk About That Fire, What is Dying Worth??
We Lucky We Ain’t Die At Birth..
With my Time In It, I’m Tryna Move Mountains Nigga, I Am Earth..
To Satisfy A Never Dying Thirst..
To Make Profit Like Messiah Before I’m Lying In Dirt..
Aint The Reason I’m Believing Dreams Are Worth The Achievement..
It’s as Long As I Keep Breathing I Gotta Figure The Reason..
Isn’t For The Seasons Of Lust, Treasures And Treason..
Is Touch, Better Than Seeing? Cause What’s Better Than Being..
In The Moment, As I Own It, I Notice No Opponents..
Track Name: Traffique (Introspection Congestion)
03 - Traffique

Verse 1:
I’ve Heard...
Perilous, Paragraphs and Parables..
What I Know Is Truth...Truth Shall Never Fail
The Way I See It We’re Trapped, Riding The Carousel, ..
We All Together In This jail, Why Not Share The Cell..
Deep As Hell, Smart as Devil, It’s The Rebel Rap...
...Double Jeopardy, & I’m Alex Trebek, Relaxed..
Cause I’m Running This, Been Ahead For A Couple Laps..
Black Van Shit, Niggas Is Getting Muffled, Snatched..
So Let Me Shine Like The Night Sky Nebuli..
Tonight, Feeling Like, If This Is Life I Aint Prepared To Die..
Aspire To Be There With Gods, Allah, Or The Heaven Skys..
I Rise As A Man At Odds, Despite This i Can handle mine..
Melt Wax, Candle, Dismantling Propaganda..
Fight Peace, Light Leaf, Rolling - That’s The Proper Grammar..
They Say I Got The Gift Of The Son But, Not Of Santa..
Just In The Presence Of The present, As I’m Stopped In The

Making maneuvers we crusing you see us Movin Through The
That's what we doin commuting you see is movin through
It's in the music the groove is what keeps me movin through the

Verse 2:
I Aint No Will Smith..
…But I Ain’t Stopping Til I Am Legend..
Til I See My Name In Lights Like The Heavens..
Til It Aligns With The Signs of The Seventh
Obsession With Progression Keep My Thoughts Manifesting
Not Afraid To Wear The Crown Or Feel The Pressure, it’s A Blessing..
Session To Session Recording, Lots Of My Confessions..
It’s A... External Fight Against Oppressions..
And A Internal Fight Against Depression..
Show No Fear In The Face Of The Repercussion..
Lose Yourself In The Space of Drum Beat Percussions..
Its The Gospel, Water to Wine, Like Jesus Touched Him..
But So Aware Of The Dark, I Dont Believe In Nothing..
Just There Is He Above Him, Or Maybe She Who Loves Him..
Whatever keeps Me Running, I Guess I’m Seeing Something..
Hallucinations Of Faces Passing I’m Seeking One With..
Communication, We Movin Cases Commuting Through The..

Track Name: Peace Out (UNITY)
04 - Peace Out (UNITY)

Verse 1:
...So Here’s The Manuscript...
Purple Haze politics..
Diplomatic Knowledge I Reflect On Like I Polished in ..
Recognize, It’s More The Third Than The Second Eye..
Ayo The World’s Planting Seeds In our Mind
Strange Fruit..
They Used Tell Me People Change, Don’t Let Em Change You..
So What i’m Saying Might Be A Strange Truth..
If I Go Against The Grain To Attain The Bank Loot..
Aim, Shoot, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Yo He Got Game, Hoop..
I Ain’t Missin, A Sniper, I Go The Distance..
I’m Vicodin, Coke, And Whip Its When Writing My Flow In Pictures..
It’s Life In A Poets Scriptures, From Colder Than In Decembers..
went Gone Before November, Let’s pave a Road To The Entrance..
On The Stairway To Heavens, Or Fairways on The 7th..
Omec, The Face Of The Temples of Hidden Legend..
Godz Of A Clan, The Man Before The Method..
U N I T Y You Need To, Get The Message..

Dont Let Em Tell You that you cant be free
Stand tall, Be Strong, F-R-E-E
Be alive, Be All That You Can Be..
Let the Light Shine Far As You Can See..
Two Fingers In The Sky Pull Ya Peace Out..
Two Fingers In The Sky Pull Ya Peace Out..
ONSOL, On My God, Let My Piece out..
Two Fingers In The Sky I’m Yellin Peace out..

Verse 2:
It’s Like They Telling Me To Walk In A Lane..
But I Aint Trying To Be Caught in A Game..
We Are Not in The Same..
i’m Not for The Chains, Black Fist, Rock For The Change..
It Might Sound Like i’m Rapping but i’m Talking to Brains..
Hope To catch Em ‘fore They See The lines Chalking their Frames..
Coffin Encased, We Off on our Ways..
Seperate Paths, but Where We Dont See The Divide..
The universe, The Mind’s Infinite Skies... Blessings Are Disguised
To Undress It and Admire Curves Its Blessed With...
Desire Burns, No Question. This Is Fire..It’s obsession..
Game Time Don’t Feel The Pressure, Imma Student Of The Lessons..
Learned From The Greats, So What Can You Do To Contest Em..
Nothing...’s Impossible, Anything Is Possible..
Word To Big ‘Ticket’ It’s ‘The Truth’ In The Chronicles..
Like What You Feel Inhaling Chronic Pulls..
Intoxication Of Thoughts thats Paradoxical..
Track Name: The Infinite, Continuous.
05 - The Infinite, Continuous

Verse 1:
They Say im just A Rebel..
Lookin For Shine Like A precious Metal..
Double Sided Like I’m Hyde, & Jeckle..
Schizophrenic To A Level That’ll Raise The Devil..
Descend The Heavens, & Release Em In Your place of Settle-
Meant I Make It Rock, These Other Rappers make It Pebble
I Got the vessle, Its That live Rap, Bass And Treble..
I Bend Rhymes Into The Shape of Pretzel..
You Got That Alzheimers Flow, Ayo, Its Straight Forgetful..
You Cant Kick Like A Cripple Playing Soccer Or
Addiction To Them Rock Crystals..
Caught Sandlot Pickled
Got The Bounce Like Ball On Black Top Dribble
Used My Mental Power First Before I Popped Pistols..
Now, It Only Makes Sense Im Cold As Popsicles..
Dot, The Water Make It Hot Like Boiling Pot - Sizzle..
Its Only Logical, Get Over These Obstacles
Cause Nothing’s Impossible, Base Faith Over Opticals..

Rhyme And
Infinite Lines..
Deep as the mind..
somethin that the people can find
cause it..
Life This Is
Love This is

Verse 2:
Its An Instant movement..
Its In The Music..
Bent and Intent To Go Against Defenses Of The Institution..
I Cant Pretend Im Blending In, Thats Imminent -Conclusion
They Think I’m Just A Nuisance, Like Fuck Ya Two Cents..
Well if The Shoe Fit, ill Do This,
Til The Death Or til My Execution..
Lethal Injection Or Electrocution..
Where Is Aaliyah Now, because We need A Resolution..
Here And Now, Ayo We gotta Find The Best Solution..
For The Pollution Of the Mental Space And Airwaves..
In life You Can Go Up Or Down, Either Way like Staircase..
So If You Picture This Meticulous, Arithmetic..
Im Spittin Over Track To Melt The Wax Like Icarus..
You’ll Know I Got The Most Limited Edition Thats Existed
Nostradamus Couldnt Even have Predicted This..
Sicker Than Syphillis, Steve Javie Officialest..
Pistol Grip Missle Shit, Unfiltered And Real With It

Track Name: Spread The Love!
06 - Spread The Love!

Verse 1:

Ayo Lets Talk About A Thing That Don’t Exist No More..
And Expose The Main Reason My Tribe’s on A Quest For..
A Universal Common Collect, Chance To Express..
Everlasting, Imaginative Lasting Effects..
For Not The Cash And the Checks, Or The Ass or The Sex..
But Those That Have Intellect To Spread Scholastics Fresh..
Pass the Test, And Outlast the Best
And Show the Passion Like Jesus Of Nazareth..
Cause I believe In Life After Death..
And When Im Gone They’ll Nod in Acquiesce..
If it hits a nerve Deeper Than that Of The Flesh..
Then I’ve Preserved The Word Enough Through The pattern Ive Let..
A So Called, Snowball Effect Form..
To Best Describe..
How You Feel When You Get The Vibe..
From An Exercised powerful Mind
So Don’t Allow Your Third Eye To Go Blind
Go Find..
Yo Mind..


Don't tell me what it was before
Just tell me what it is right now
I know you felt the love before..
Show Me Where it is right now!
It’s here
Been There..
I’m Tryna Go Everywhere
And When You See It..
It’s Here..
And It’s There
And I’m tryna Bring it Everywhere..

Verse 2:

Light, Shine bright as diamond, Thats what we on..
Be-yond The Sierra Le-onne..
We goooone…
Like A 2 Run Shot, Bring Em Home..
Designated Driver 2 Rum Shots..
Peace Love And knowledge We Dont Do Gun Shots..
it’s Boombox, Tube Socks and And The Chew Gum Pop..
Now Look What You Done Got
Let’s Open Mind, Allow it To Unlock..
Get out The Shoe Box, Listen There’s a Noose On Thoughts..
And It’s A Hot Commodity..
As Far As i Can See, Oddities, On An Out of Body Odyssey ..
So I Gotta See the God in Me, I Got A Dream..
Seeing Stars for What They Are, That Astrology..
I ain’t part of the norm, I’m The Anomaly..
And Everytime I Write A Draft I’m going lottery..
Push The Limit of My Being With Every jot of Ink..
Thoughts As Deep as Philosophies taught of Socrates..

Verse 3:

Number Wise, I’ve Probably Lost More Friends than I’ve Kept..
On The Grind More Nights Than i Can Count That I’ve Slept..
While There were others there in slumber from the east to The west..
Put in the hours Late Workin With the Least been the best..
Dreamweaver For the Heat Seekers Needing The Fresh
Keep Beatin Down The Streets We Believe We The Next
On The Corners Spit The Flame Like We Unleashing The techs..
Now That i mention, Im Rasheed Wallace , Speaking Of Text
Back to The Flow Tho, Known To Get You Geeked and Impressed..
Can I Interject With Intellect I Need To Confess
I aint Tryna Say im Perfect i just need To fluoresce
Shine The light Inside My Mind I Know I Seem To Obsess
From what I’ve learned & Understand, what can I teach to the next..
We Need Love, We Need Truth, Give And Seek The Respect..
Of One Nation under God, Believe its Deeper Than Eff
Be Seen As People Cause We’re Equal Underneath in the flesh..
So Lets Go.
Track Name: The Mysterious Insomniac
07 - The Mysterious Insomniac

Verse 1:
Where You At? We On The Map..Check The Location,
Locked Down - Probation, But Inside The Mind Is So Spacious..
Write Inside the Lines - Paragraphs Go pages
On And On As I Move About the 4 Bases..
Globe Trotter In Thought, Yeah I’m Goin Places..
Destinations That Provoke imagination..
Turn Vision To Words, Like Closed Caption..
Cause I Heard That Talk Is Cheap With no Action..
So I Stay Two Steps Ahead Of the Comp..
Never Enter Passwords, When I’m Tempted At Prompt..
Snake Niggas Wait To Bite, Like They lurk in A Swamp..
Waitin For That Water Shit To Drop & Fall Like Thwomp..
…Well i’m Still Waiting..
& u Aint Gotta Be Kevorkian To Kill Patience..
So i Tell Em Its Cool, Be Calm Its Gon Be Alright Yall
& then I Hit That Mary Jane Girl “All Night Long”..

And You May Never Really Know
where this life
is telling you to go..
And It’s Like
It’s Better Than Before..
And This Might
Be Better Than We Know
But then, Right
We Never Really Know
Where this Life
Is Telling You To Go..
And It’s Like
We Never Really Show..
Cause It’s Life..
Whatever How You Know
But It’s Like
It’s better Than Before

Verse 2:
Gap Bandit, So Outstanding..
...Deck of Card Flow, Throw Like Gambit..
My Intellect’s Like The universe - Expanding..
Twist cannabis, & Lift Off The Planet
Earn ya Keep On The Corners, They Aint Gotta Respect it..I.
Flashin Chains, Shining Diamonds On The Charm on Your Necklace..
You A Star, Till The Reckless Leave You neckless..
And The, Scene Gets Hectic, IN Some Shit Like Septic..
Black Van Music, Window Smoked Out & Tinted
Run Up On You Like Them Undercover Jake Is In it
& then its... Oops Upside ya Head..
Yall Dont Want to Catch that So Catch The Vibe Instead
Got This Rap Shit Under My Wraps, Mummified To the Max..
Sell Sacks With no Government Tax..
Nothing But Fact, Everything I’m Touching to Wax..
Is Boom Bap, Base - Crack, Bring them Customer Back..
Back, Back To The Topic At Mind
I heard the View Is Better Once You’ve Reached the Top of the Climb..
And Niggas Change For A Dollar At The Drop Of A Dime..
So Imma Keep my Change In Pocket Keep it Rockin Cause i’m Gone..
Track Name: IDGAFWYO (ft. Tris10 & Sage The 64th Wonder)



The culmination of my rap greatness
Got these sack chasers, all cuz I stack paper
Now, you can meet your end, and we can rap later?
Ugh, I can buy you now, and throw a stack later!
Tatted like a vato, nigga you a gato
Ill get your ribs(rims) bent, like a pothole!
We already know where you at, I let the squad know
Long nose, leave more lines, than a barcode!
Yeahh, you dont know me you just owe me
I won't stop, until I got, a roley, in the Rolly
Plus your girls legs bust wide open for me
Keep up like Khloe homie, you dont gotta show me homie..
Shit, just get it how you live it
Bitches get to follow, and niggas get to mimic
Should have been a chemist, mind cooking up a menace
Bang this in the morning, just to wake up all the tenants..


I dont give a fuck what you on
I dont give a fuck what you want
I dont give a fuck what you on
So tell me what the fuck do you want?



Starting at the 5, and I'm off centered
Lump sum, thats capital, before I start sentence
No deterrents from currents, because my hearts wintered
Ain't no best of both worlds, so ain't no smart sinners
They won't deny me, Im signing this line, with Gods witness
To always make them relate, because its authentic
Real shit in your face, this is the raw image
What they can't photo-shoppe, this is bars, vintage!
Phantom of the Opera, with the mask off
Salama alaikum, its still Allahu Akbar
Science of life, and some of us got the math wrong
Ain't going with me, Im spending, until the cash gone
For now, its my own two, and a backbone
Vanilla misses, with kisses, when I get back home
Swisher twisted, get lifted, because aintr that blown
Im back home, stay DOT WATER, because that shows....

Track Name: Interactions With Oddish
09 - Interactions With Oddish

Verse 1:

...Tell These Niggas Just to mind They Business
Born Of The Lions Den, Heart Colder than Cryogenics
Prolific, Flow Visions like A Ghost Spit This..
No Witness, Just Outlines like Hieroglyphics..
Out-rhyme, any John You Can Find In Distance..
Out-shine any mind, You Better Find Assistance
Tryna Box With The God You Gonna Find Resistance..
Brought Yourself To The Job But You Ain’t Findin Business..
So Go And Find Ya Soul, It’s Sold, Now The Iron’s Cold..
It’s Time To Show, You’ll Fold, Or Soldier’s Soul’s Really Shine In Gold..
Getting By, Getting High And Stoned, Spinning’s 45 Alone..
Or Lake Shore Drive, Tint’s 5 Below..
Sliding Low Key, Like I Know These Niggas See Me..
Hope They Dont Believe It’s Easy, I Aint Going, They Won’t See Me..
…And That Can Only Make You Wonder
Until You See The Light Spark, Reign of Thunder.


While we... smoking on that La, Lala..
Trying to Get By, By By
Indo Chronic keeps me High, High, High
Think I Can Touch The Sky, SKy, Sky
La-La-La, Lullabye

Verse 2:

As I Pedal To The Floor It..
Boss, Don’t Give A Fuck If Niggas Buying It or Torrent..
Fast Forward Through The Chorus, They Rewinding What’s Important..
How I’m Climbing From The Bottom, Working, Rising... Fork Lift..
Can’t Stop Till I’m Riding In A Porsche It’s..
Goliath With The Force, A Jedi Giant With A Sword..
I’m Poseidon Of The Shores, Pits Of Fire In His Core..
Like Whatever Let Em Snore, let’s Get higher Where’s The Torch??
Let Em Sleep Tho, They Ho’s They Can Deep Throat..
Mid, West To East Coast, Niggas Know I’m A Beast Yo..
Off The Chain, So I Aint Never On A Leash, Nope..
Priest Flow, I Can See The God, And The Beast Though..
...But Ya’ll Can’t See The God When I Speak, Ghosts..
Ya’ll Niggas Gone, Cause I’m Beyond What You Can Think, So..
Keep Close, bigger faces in front of these c notes
Contemplating this all inside this weed smoke
Track Name: [lost in transmission]
10 - [lost in transmission]


Psycho Somatic.. Pacific To Atlantic..
Paint Canvas, The Color Toner On The Printer Damaged..
Scavenge For Dead bodies, Stampeded In Panic..
Retreat To Underwater hide outs In Atlantis..
The Lyrical Manic, Charlie Manson Verbal Savage..
With A Bigger Johnson Than magic, I’ve Had It With the Average..
Like Taking Percentages, Rip it Mathematic..
Black Get It Up Into Ya Skin Like its Tatted..
Laying maggots Down, They Flatted, And Doormatted..
Served On A Silver Platter, I Eat Em Its Automatic…
Don’t Want No Static, I’m Madder With Badder Habits..
Than I Had, When I Started Nagivating Through The Traffic..
Without… Identification, Figured Id Manage
My Photograph Will Never Copy through Into your Scanner..
I Wont Show Up, Like Dracula Into The Mirror..
Cant Be Found With Search Warrants, think I Give A??
Fuck Where you Comin From, Nigga You Can Dig A..
Hole, Like A Mole, Or Put The Gun To Brain And Pull Trigga..
Go Figure, How I Star Like Asterisk..Im Multi-Faceted..
More Serious than Massive Heart Attacks With Triple Bypasses..
Fry Ashes, Make You Hallucinate, Im Acid ....
Get You And ya Guy Blasted, Why Mask It?
A Tisket For A Tasket in A Gift Basket.. that's it.
Track Name: Get A Clue (ft. Vagabond Maurice & Leyone Tracks)
11 - Get A Clue

Verse 1: Vagabond Maurice

Vagabond Maurice, Space Cowboy if ya nasty /
Moving on your right /
Sketching an uppercut, like a pendulum swinging from the core/
Core immaculate grinding, reflecting like diamonds in the rough/
Splitting a wig like a Jazz rift with the fist/
Pour a fifth on the thirty, August be my peace/
Piece drawn, bust lead from the pen/
Caught in a pen of swirling dragons,
incubate my style [Cool Fire Bender]/
Kuwabara, Kuwabara, lightning striking
from the aura of my mind / Analyze the design/
Breaking them beats like an Alchemist, unthreading your bond/
Stitch the seams to no armor, cuz your rhymes be soulless/ (huh)
Versatility, verses merging our frequencies /
I'm moving with more urgency, writing, boosting our literarcy
Edgar Allan Poe[tency], prose glow punctually /
Poetry ghost writing our foes into the grave / (Huh)
Praise as I blaze through the sky /
You gotta defeat Sheng Long to test me / (Huh)
My brotha I'm GHOST/

Get A Clue..
Uh, Ah Get A Clue..
What You Gonna Do,
Say What? Uh Get A Clue..
Get A Clue..
Uh, Ah Get A Clue
What Can I Do
Say What, Ah Get A Clue

Verse 2: BE.water

Truth Remains Yet To be Found..
What I’ve Discovered So Far is That it’s Deep Down..
For My Soul, I Seek To Speak Through A Unique Sound..
Mystique Sound...Head To Skies But Keep The Feet, Ground
(..)Tilted... 23 Degrees, Round,
You Know Circle Of Life I’m Just Trying To Pull The Peace Out..
Two Fingers In The Sky Thats What We Bout..
Beat Bounce, Grab The Mic & Geek Down..
Jekyll/Hyde, Two Side Like A Box Of Nerds..
On The Boil Now, Water Got Pots To Stir..
Focused On the Grand Prize To Be Not Deterred..
Limitless Beyond Logic Let My Thoughts Be Heard..
Now That Niggas In Your Lane You Gotta Watch The Swerve..
Hustle Like the Rocks on The Blocks & Curbs..
Soon As I Find The Bassline, I Got the Spot To Serve..
I’ve Got To Fly, I’m Larry Cause i’ve got To Bird Now Just..
Track Name: Moonlight Lady (Prod. Xafu)
...It’s All Natural, Organic..
A Questlove with the Roots To Keep Us Floor Planted..
The Best Love And Even More Handed..
I’ve learned Before Can’t Take You For, Granted..
Love Opens Doors, Planets..
It’s time to Heal The War Damage..
Lets Make Like First Time We Done it Now..
I’m Being Honest, I Aint Giving You Run Around
Spin In Circles, See The Stars, When You Love Me Down..
Never Stop Loving You Love, I like the Lovin Sound..
Another Place, Another Town and Love the Night Away..
Feel Your Love Coming Down Like A Tidal Wave..
And It’s the Perfect Storm, You’re the Perfect For..
12 - Moonlight Lady


Me, How We Work & Form, The Ground Where Our Earth is Formed..
Confident that We Can Weather Storms of Any Type..
Butt Our Heads And Talk Our Way Out Through Any Fight..
Heat Rises...Put The Fire Out With Water..
Let’s Talk Things A little More Steamy Like A Sauna..
Kamasutra Wanna Be And Feel Your Prana..
Love Taps, i just Wanna Do The Honor..
Travel the World, With my Travelling Girl..
Got The Strings From my heart Unravelling Girl..
You A...Heart Bandit With The Hazel Eyes..
Colgate Smile, Can I Spend Everyday With my..
Lover and my friend like Soulmates..
We Two Sides To A Pair thats Why We sole mates..
Found You Now I’m Tryna Hold Place..
Fast Or Slow My Love, Lets move At your pace..
You’re home Safe, it’s home Base, Star, It wont take..
L ong Get you in and Out your Lace And Get A Taste,
Track Name: Ancient God Form
13 - Ancient God Form

Verse 1:

Dear Paper,
Can I illustrate the, thoughts encountered with the pen to paper..
Men who intend to chase the..
Thought of Green in itself, Properties for the wealth..
Hypocrisies In Poverty and in health..
It’s a disease of tendencies, The greed’s not to be felt..
Monopolies aint coppin me, I got belief in myself..
So there’s no stoppin me.. Stay on top of these - I’m apostrophe..
Seeking the throne to be the king and seated properly..
Up Top. From 20-now until Infinity..
The World is mine, So there Is nothing that could limit me..
Take a shot, We going out, like John Kennedy..
Shine Bright Brilliantly, Diamond Light Visually..
Iron Sight, Iron Mike, my advice is to eye your sight..
Towards the peak of it, then see if there’s higher heights..
But thats just my advice of thoughts I be Possessing..
Light the Leaf Relieve The Stress, You’ll See The Rest & Keep Progressing On..

On And On
And On..
You Hear the Song
Its Like Psalm In Ancient Babylon Form
Im Gone,
On and On..
Louder Than A Bomb in Lebanon We Keepin It Strong..
On And on And On..
Remain A God From The Now And Beyond..

Verse 2:

I Keep it Realer Than Most... Sometimes I Bug A Bit..
Walking Through My Life I Already Dug A Ditch..
Grit my Teeth Through The Struggle And This Rugged Shit..
Past Relationships Got me Saying Fuck A Bitch..
Irritation Gets Me Contemplating Busting Clips..
Feel The Heat Like When The Team Rush Up And Snuff A Snitch..
Reasonable Doubt, Wondering, If its Enough to Quit..
But Then im Looking, I Aint Even Yet To Touch A Fifth..
Of My Potential, Feds Wiretap The Pencils..
Yo Im Gaining My Credentials, Im In ya Dentals..
Expressing self Over The Rhythm of the Instrumental..
I’m not The Stencil, The moves I Make Are more Suspenseful..
…I Haven’t Gone To jail But Havent Passed Go..
Im Still Grinding Just To Maintain my Cash Flow..
Fast, No, Im On A Crash Course, I See it in the Mirror..
To Break The Clouded Mind…Find Room To Think Clearer//

Track Name: Don't Get Got
14 - Don’t Get Got


Thought The Stars Would never Glisten in my Sky..
The Astrological Signs Couldn’t Align..
Now Im Getting Shine
Got Bars like im Doing Hard Time..
On The Run Like I Committed A Crime,
Submit The Lines..
Run Wild, Young Niggas And They Vision Is Blind..
Not Seeing Still Refuse at Lookin Through Your Third Eye..
Achieving Higher Consciousness..
Be In Tune To What Ya Soul, And Ya Conscience Says..
Do it Right Like Im The Last one Left..
With The rap Im Deft,
Takin Spots like Theft..
Cardiac Arrest,
Cause If The Rap Was A Test Im 100 Correct..
In The Booth Its Like im 1-8oo-Collect..
The Check, Pinnacle Search Gotta Stand On the Crest..
Got my Hand On the Desk, Let The Rhyme Attest..
…I Forever Keep the Pen To the Pad..
Swear By the Bassline That Im in til The Last..
Splash, Glasses, Up, Toast To The Man..
Now Let Me Kick it Old School like Jamie Kennedy Fans
Attract Every Nigga Alive In The Vicinity..
Im Doin This Rap Shit Until the End Of Infinity..
For Hip Hop I Think I Found My Affinity..
Go By The Rules That Only I Could Limit Me..
At the Moment I Don’t See No Roof..
Most Don’t Believe In Truth Without Logical Proof..
And That’s Probably A Loose Description..
The Truth Gets Twisted…As You Depict it.. So You Could Picture..
… Free Flowing Without Regulations..
the End As You know it Like (The Book of) Revelations..

Don’t Get Got..
Ayo Don’t get Caught..

C’mon Don’t Get Got
Ayo Don’t Get Caught
Track Name: FRSH2DF
15 - FRSH2DF

Verse 1:

They Say That, Dare is A Darkside..
You Too Scared To Find Where your Heart lie..
Cutting Ties, That’s Divide Like Apartheid..
Or Just A Memory On Archive in Hard Drives..
And I’m The Tape to the Memorex..
Base And the Chemist Set, Plates and A Dinner Set..
Greatness is in the Flesh..
Space With the Intellect..
Name a Place, Aint been the best..
Race To The Finish? Bet..
Running Alongside Snails..
Who’s The Fall Guy If Your Strongside Fails
Using God’s Guide That’s Beyond My Years but..
Let Keep It Short Like My Onside Failed..
...But my Dreams never lie To Me..
Gotta See The Ra In me, Sol In the Sky We See..
Told I’m A prodigy, I’m gold i’m Alotta Things
So Soul Is What I Gotta Speak, I’m Bold I see The God In Me..


I gotta stay fly
If y'all freah to death then I'm deceased

Verse 2:

So distant, Makin Em need binoculars..
So Close To Stars that i can Talk To em..
Like A Prophet With Parable For the Populous..
I’m The Opposite Watching Yall Watching This..
Put Face To Those Who Chose Anonymous
Full Glass For Optimists And A Shot For This..
Louder Than A Bomb In Lebanon Hit..
Kickin Knowledge, Scholarship With The polished Writ..
Honestly, Life’s Is All it Is..
Once I Can Say That I Made It, Cant Forget All of This..
Late Night Skys, Over Metropolis..
Late Night Grinds, Blunt Lit While I Politic..
The Mind And Universe - The Bottomless
Continuous Growth Nobody’s Stopping This
Time, The Human Curse, Callin Us..
Whats A Dream To Reality? Subconsciousness..


Verse 3:

Extra, Extra, Winter-fresh Stuck to The Sole..
Storm Trooping All White To Make Em Feel That Snow..
Ground Level Where The Concrete Meets The Soul..
Touched The Top Of The Earth and it aint that cold..
Read The Scrolls, Gentlemen Behold..
Squad thick Like Bold, Trying To Break the Mold..
To Tell The Story Untold, And Watch it All Unfold..
Take The Gold, Stay Running Like Im Usain Bolt..
Revolution Of A Rebel Trying To Re-Volt..
Change the Plain And Very Thoughts Of Everyday People..
Sugar Cane Grain BE. Dot Speak With The Flow,
That they just Cant EQUAL, So I Keep It Alone Yo..
Solo..The Only One, No Clones Or Sequels..
Single, Star like Ringo, So Catch My lingo....
Im Cool, Calm Collected..
Let The Song Carry On And On And Check It Out Now..

Track Name: On Like That
16 - On Like That

Verse 1:

I’m More...
Metta World Peace, Than metaphysical..
Soul Music It’s Them Cotton-Pickin Spirituals..
Love Machine, Do It Baby Like The Miracles..
Cause Living Seems To Mean More Than The Visible..
...And Love Takes more Than The Physical..
For Two Individuals, Walls To Fall, You get it Tho..
..Hate Creates Wars, And Wars Create The Cynical..
I’m Tryna Take Us All To The pinnacle..
From What I’ve Learned These Dreams Are Invincible..
Playing Scenes In My Mind, Seen The Visuals..
From Sleeping On Futons, To Grey Poupon..
Mediocre Just Wont Cut It Now, Like Coupons..
Honestly, I Aint Just In it For Cheese..
I Just Wanna Prove The Sky Is Not A Limit For Me..
Like I Been Tryna Rewrite The laws Of Physics It Seems..
But No Matter What I Do, It Comes Back To The Cream..


So If It’s On Like That
Then We Can Kick It Like That..
Now If It’s On Like That
Then We Can Kick It Like That..
Cause If It’s On Like That
Then We Can Kick It Like That.. ..
And If It’s On Like That
Then You Can Kick It Right Back..

Verse 2:

I Used To View The World With A Closed Mind..
Lead A Semi-Charmed Life, With Third Eye Blind..
It’s Like The Teacher Told, I’d Learn It, I’d Find..
Now I Travel With That Thought Rewinding Back In My Mind..
See the Journey Doesn’t Start With the First Step..
To Tell the Globe My Purpose, No Blogspot or Wordpress..
You Can’t Always Take The Route That hurts Less..
The Smart Path Isn’t Always What’ll Work Best..
Call Check, Next Move, Make Ya Best move..
Even The Best Lose, And You Ain’t Nothing Special..
That’s Scientific Like It Came From the Test Tube..
So Despite It All, I Gotta Keep It Fresh, Cool..
But Keep The Heat Blowing On Em... That’s A Solar Wind..
We’ll Never Understand The Souls Of The Coldest Men
This A Walk For Those Whose Never Filling Soles Again..
Sounds Of Unity and Love From The Soul Within..